Free Tommy Chong!!
In September 2003, Tommy Chong was put in prison for selling "Drug Paraphernalia."
This is utter crap, so, The Norj has written a song about it, and released it as an E.P.
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Written by Chris Marx

A hundred million people sell coke in Tijuana
But they hold my brother up on a case of marijuana
He didn't have grass, and he wasn't selling smoke
This "War on Drugs" is just one big joke
You threw him in jail, and ruined his name
Since when is false imprisonment the price of fame?

Free Tommy Chong

All over the world hard drugs are killing
Listen up, man, you can't rape the willing.
Tommy broke the law, but so have many others
You can't let some walk, and jail some brothers
Instead of fighting the demon, your chasing after clouds
Does bullying the people make Daddy Bush proud?

Free Tommy Chong

America, America, where did you go wrong?
Persecuting my man just for selling a bong
You hunted down an old man, instead of the villains
He's sitting in a cell, their in Las Vegas chillin'!

Free Tommy Chong

Listen to me, all the D.E.A.
Chris Marx has something to say
I hope you hear, each and every Narc,
I ain't afraid of no dog just by it's bark

You want my respect?

Better watch your back when the people flood,
I don't respect a pig sitting in the mud.